Pet Cams- Are You Sure You Want to Know?

If you own a pet, then you know what sweet, loving friends they are. Their sad, “miss you” eyes make you wish you could be with them all day. Thanks to technology, you can almost make this wish come true. Pet cams (usually a small bullet camera) are a great way to watch what your furry friend does all day while you are at work. Place a camera in the room where your pet stays and you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your pet is safe, sound and happy. Need a short mental break from your work? Your pet cam can be the perfect stress reliever.

Of course, you are assuming that your pet is the perfectly behaved darling that you play with each evening. If your pet is anything like mine then the term “mischievous” may come to mind. The scary side to having a pet cam is that you can actually see what they are doing when you aren’t there to keep them in line. Yes, that’s your little “cutie pie” wallowing on your white sofa and chewing on the corner of the comforter your great grandmother made you. He’d never do that when you are around, you say? Well, remember, he’s smart and you aren’t around as far as he knows :) ! Wait a minute – did that cat just jump onto the counter and lick the ham that’s thawing there?

So, you have a lot to consider. You can get the pet cam and be reassured that your pet is okay when left alone. On the other hand, do you really want to know everything your pet does? Maybe you are better off not watching and discovering the truth. Instead, continue to believe that your pet is the best behaved in the neighborhood. As the title asks…Are you sure you want to know? Don’t worry about your bullet camera won’t go to waste if you decide it is too scary to watch your pets, as these cameras can be used in a number of other ways!