Dog Waste Disposal: Where will we put the poop?

Dog waste disposal in the future The year is 2020. Every evening, Chris takes me for a walk around the neighborhood and then down by the lake. At the end of our walk, he takes the bag and puts it in the dog waste disposal unit. A lot has changed in the past 10 years. […]

Is the Thanksgiving Turkey Bad for Your Dog?

[ad#AS-InArticle-TopWrap] I can tell Shadow is up to something. He keeps walking through the kitchen with his nose in the air. I’m sure he’s seen that big bird in the oven and I know he smells it. Every year, we get a few pieces of the turkey.  I hope it happens soon, it’s “better than […]

But I’m Not So Sure About Dog Neutering…

[ad#AS-InArticle-TopWrap] I’m willing to bet Shadow doesn’t even know that he has a surgery coming up. That right, he’s gonna get the ole “snip snip”. “Snip… snip??” They’re going to do what to my… Dog, that ain’t right! What about all of the puppies I was going to sire? What about all of those great […]

Abigail the Southern Belle

Hi ya’ll, my name is Abigail, and I’m a Golden Retriever. Even though I’ve seen my share of sunsets, I still like to think of myself as beautiful. For the past year, I have allowed Shadow the Chocolate Lab into my home. I did so with the dignity that befits a southern belle, and showed […]

Alpha Dog Takes Over!

While my human, Chris, is away working on projects, we’re going to take over this blog and write some articles about important stuff that dogs really care about. But for starters, let’s get one thing straight. I’m the alpha dog in this pack and what I say goes. I have huge plans for this blog […]

Halloween and Your Dog

Fred loved to meet new people. Every day he would go to the door and loved to get petted by the nice visitors. This day however, was a little different. It was almost dark when the door bell rang. Fred  ran to the door wagging his tail and waiting impatiently for someone to open it. […]

Is My Dog In Pain? How Can I Help?

A Dog in Pain Champ, an 11 year old pup, lay in the corner of the living room. John had noticed he was whining earlier while trying to get up and now he seemed restless. After watching Champ for a few minutes, John went over, petted his old friend, and asked, “What’s wrong boy?”. The […]

Why Is My Dog Losing Hair? Canine Hair Loss Explained

Canine hair loss is common with dogs. Dogs shed throughout the year, but primarily in the spring and fall. This is a normal occurrence and the extra hair can normally be brushed out on a daily basis to help keep it from being spread throughout your house. Sometimes, dogs will have bald spots. This type […]

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Today is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. What Would A Dog Do has an excellent article about the day, problems caused by pet obesity, and ways to avoid it. I’ll admit that I’m guilty when it comes to making sure I give the dogs enough exercise. As our lifestyles become busier, it becomes more and […]

A Purple Polka-dotted Chocolate Lab?

Shadow is almost a year old and maybe the chocolate coat is just a bit too plain. What do you think of a chocolate lab dyed purple with white spots? Do you think he’ll be all the rage on the next trip to the dog park? Dog Dying Dog dying has become a growing trend […]